Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


hot soup girl: I watch some crap on television. Last night I watched Pretty Woman, The Director's Cut and read the original screenplay at the same time. I conducted this experiment for the benefit of science, but did science thank me? No.

Signalstation: There was a director's cut? I hope it involved the director getting cut.
Signalstation: Tiny little cuts on the arms and legs that will get infected.
Signalstation: wait... I just realized you said you had the screenplay. Why?

hot soup girl: The director's cut addendum was the only reason I watched it. I was hoping for a gritty, unhappy ending.
hot soup girl: I'm joking.

Signalstation: Ah. Thank goodness.

hot soup girl: Well, sort of. Apparently the original screenplay was quite different to the one they ended up filming. In the original, Julia Roberts' character is a hypersexual drug addict, and ends up being rejected by Richard Gere. It ends badly.
hot soup girl: Mary Gaitskill says that when the director of The Secretary first approached her about adapting her short story, he promised her that he wouldn't 'do a pretty woman' to the original text.

Signalstation: The craziest I've done is watched the film while dressed all trampy and humming "Some Day My Prince Will Come" the whole time. I figured it might work like a magical love spell, luring a rich man to find me, see the movie and clothes, get the hint and whisk me away from all this.

hot soup girl: That sounds like voodoo.
hot soup girl: Did a rich man find you?

Signalstation: Not yet.

hot soup girl: Well, one can hope.

Signalstation: And this make-up is getting kinda crumbly.... it's been years.