Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Do you like the internet?

Oh, I know, everyone says they do.

Three things:

1. Check out the amazing art of Ray Caesar, reminiscent of work by Mark Ryden (and Loretta Lux too, actually). I'm particularly in love with cat girl, supergirl, the girl with the eyeball and the girl with the unwieldy cranial protrusion and fibrous arms. Deliciously wrong.

2. I stumbled across a new word today: 'callipygian'. It is my gift to you, and to your perfectly formed buttocks.

3. And lastly, look, I am not kidding about this: clicking on the next link will take you directly to Batman and Robin porn. (I concede: this isn't going to work out for everyone, but I think it's neat, in an 'Oh dear' sort of way.)

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Okay, thanks for coming in. We're running a little late, so let's jump to it and get the briefing underway.

Firstly: the goddamnest most funniest dinosaurs I ever did saw.

Secondly: Charlie White and Joshua.

Thirdly: blueprints of sitcom houses (and a map of Gilligan's Island) by Mark Bennett.

Fourthly: masks. Masks and masks and masks and masks and masks.

That's it. Please take your dossiers with you and follow Frank to the armoury, where you will be equipped with matching engagement rings that release an odourless knockout gas. Have fun, kids!