Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Okay, thanks for coming in. We're running a little late, so let's jump to it and get the briefing underway.

Firstly: the goddamnest most funniest dinosaurs I ever did saw.

Secondly: Charlie White and Joshua.

Thirdly: blueprints of sitcom houses (and a map of Gilligan's Island) by Mark Bennett.

Fourthly: masks. Masks and masks and masks and masks and masks.

That's it. Please take your dossiers with you and follow Frank to the armoury, where you will be equipped with matching engagement rings that release an odourless knockout gas. Have fun, kids!


Blogger Ivy said...


And when do we take our pants off?

Uh, debriefing?


11:56 PM

Blogger Jodi said...

You're back! So good to see you posting again! I am celebrating by slow dancing cheek to cheek with a two-liter bo'l of Tab!

12:36 PM

Blogger gaylourdes said...

hot libertarian.
...she was a hardcore anarchista
i said wassup yo crazy sista,
how're you feeling 'bout that action
she said she wanted to debrief...

i'm sure one day i'll finish this urban dyke ballad i started, but ivy, you just made me remember it.
hot soup girl, i found you from lumpen leigh, and i think your feathers is so totally sweet, and i am enamoured...
(shyly) i'm over here

11:26 PM


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