Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

You're wondering what happened next.

Well, of course you are.

Did he escape? What was really inside that red patent leather handbag? Were they, in fact, brother and sister? Did he put the correct letter in the envelope before he posted it? And who was that guy, anyway? Did you see the look they gave each other? And the water, did you notice how cloudy it was? And the way the glass shattered just a microsecond before the golf club actually hit the window pane? How about that sound, the high-pitched metallic squeal, that came hurtling through the receiver each time he answered it? And the girl? What about the girl? Was it really her? Or was it someone else who just looked exactly like her?

Answers on page 74.

Friday, June 14, 2002


The carpet is full of electricity; his shoes also. He holds them up to the light and sees a blue shadow.

Five minutes, to the deli and back. The dog follows as far as the corner; it wants your peppermints.

I think you're getting uglier; just thought you should know.

Grass, like a cloud of green gas, rises up from the mower. He kicks it and it starts again.

There are no awards for intensity. If you want applause, learn magic tricks.