Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Manties Celebrity.

Ordinarily I avoid the temptation to talk here about ludicrous search request phrases that turn up in my referrer logs, but this is really too good to keep to myself. Finally, my dream has been realised; I've been linked to by a porn site. And not just any porn site. A porn site for men who wear panties.

Two of them, in fact.

As the kids say: Boo-ya!

How did this happen? Well, here's the sequence of events: First I discover 'Manties' on the net; I link to them. Consequently, I start to recieve an extraordinary number of google hits from the search request 'men in panties.' Then, I decide to give these visitors little presents by posting more references to Manties; now it seems I've made it into the inner circle. All in good fun, you understand, and somewhat driven by my affection towards these lovable perverts. Now, allow me to state for the record that, generally speaking, I like perverts and find the idea of a grown man wearing baby-blue satin lace-ruffled underpants both adorable and somehow admirable for its bravery. But it is also - and let's not be coy about this, people - funny. It just is. I don't think I need to explain why.

Anyhow. I suggest scrolling down the page of each porn site to read the little inspirational aphorisms they have regarding men wearing panties. This one in particular, I think, would make excellent copy for one of those 'You don't have to be crazy to work here... but it helps' signs they hang up in office kitchenettes:

Our job is to make you happy - that's why we have so much men who wear panties around here!

Interestingly, I'm in good company, since a similar thing has just happened to Michael Barrish. A while ago, he wrote a story about finding pictures of an ex-girlfriend on a porn site; now, after having his site Oblivio linked to by Cruel Site of the Day and a slew of sex sites, his stats are showing up a bunch of porn-related search strings.

The deliciousness of this - which isn't immediately obvious to a first-time reader of Oblivio who's just dropped in for a serving of smutty schadenfreude - is that Barrish lies a lot. He makes stuff up. That's part of the fun. In fact, before Oblivio, he had a brief project called Crowbar, and its single topic was lies. The ex-girlfriend story? Not true at all.

Today, he's written a poem about it. I like the last line, myself. Poignant.