Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Press to Detonate.

I'm flushed. I'm breathless. I'm fanning myself with a bus ticket.

It's all just too exciting for words. Someone hand me my ventolin, quickly. And loosen my stays, mother. Moisten my fevered brow with a compress.

Ah. That's better.

So, why the hysteria, you ask? Why the pandemonium?

Because, dear reader, Cordite #11 is now online, and I swear to god it's the craziest issue ever.

I kid you not. This issue is so hot I'd, like, totally have sex with it.* This issue's so hot it's like looking at the sun.

It features poems by Melissa Ashley, joanne burns, Ken Bolton, Michael Farrell, Ian McBride, Nick Whittock, Ali Jane Smith and many more.

The theme is copyleft, with articles by Rebecca Cannon and Pi O; interviews with David Penny and Emilie Zoey Baker and audio poetry by Clark Randerson and Paul Mitchell. Delicious, strawberry-scented kudos is to be heaped upon the editor for his spectacular work (especially considering his gruelling tour schedule).

But one of my favourite things about #11 is the addition of the News Blog, edited by yours truly. This issue will be my last as poetry editor, and first as poetry news blogger. It's cutting edge. Hurrah!

Go there now. Right now. And look, I don't want to hear any namby-pamby crap about not liking poetry, you damn fool. Poetry's so hot you could cook an egg on it. It's better than crack. All the cool kids are into poems these days, dontcha know? It's true, I asked some skaters down at the local ramp. Converse is out, poetry's in - that's what they told me.

And you know that raise you didn't get last month? The one you thought was a sure thing? Well, I was talking to your boss yesterday and he told me it's because you don't like poetry. So I really think you should go check out the latest issue of Cordite. It'll be good for your career.

* If it had genitals, that is. Which, being an online poetry journal, it probably doesn't.