Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Dress Your Penis In a Tiny Outfit Day!

Lack motivation? Confused and insecure? Considering joining the army just for the personal guidance? Then fret no more -- visit Girls Are Pretty every day and be told what to do. Recently we've had "Sit In Abject Terror Day," "Masturbating While Lying Naked On A Full-Length Mirror Used To Get You Off In No Time But Lately It's Just Gotten Really Belabored Day" and "Heatedly Debate Whether The Strokes Or The White Stripes Is The Better Band Until You Do Us All A Favor And Put A Fucking Bullet In Your Head Day."

Some people, however, deal with their boredom quite differently -- by dressing up their genitals in cute little outfits, for example.

Very nice. I'll have one dressed like Corey Feldman circa License to Drive, thanks.