Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Manties. Again.

In response to the high number of queries our service desk has been receiving regarding men wearing panties, our team has collected a number of testimonials from satisfied Manties customers:

"So silky and soft, yet roomy enough to accommodate my entire ball sac. I love them!"
Ethan Hawke, janitor.

"I've got a stiffy just thinking about it."
Harold Bishop, jewel thief.

"Disgraceful. I'm appalled by this smutty innuendo."
Sidney James, gymnast.

"Every minute of every day, I feel my testicles caressed by a powerful yet erotic satin glove. I never want it to end."
Sarah Jessica Parker, pharaoh.

"My sales figures are up 400% and I owe it all to wearing Manties!"
Noam Chomsky, real estate agent.

"Tsk. Isn't this all just a tad undergraduate?"
Bert Newton, transient hobo.

"Tying up all the little bows each morning before work is a real bitch, but well worth it when I see the admiring glances I'm getting from my colleagues!"
Phillip Ruddock, part-time sandwich-hand.

"My wife loves them too! Now she can carry a 300g salad onion down the front of her underpants all day, just the way she's always wanted to! Thank you, Manties!"
Darth Vader, antique dealer.