Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Monday, February 11, 2002

so, i had this dream last night...

...and i'm on a gigantic plane, that's like a cruise ship. we're flying through mountains. i'm travelling with my father, and we're sitting at big round tables covered in white damask tablecloths having dinner, silver-service-style. my dad and i go back to our cabin to get something, and i open the closet to grab a coat. i hear a buzzing noise, and notice that in the back corner of the wardrobe, the screws are whirring around and dropping to the floor. i tell my dad to come look, and then hear, from behind the wardrobe, a male arabic voice say 'she's seen us'.

i deduce that terrorists are trying to destroy the plane by dismantling it from the inside. they are crawling through the spaces between walls and popping out all the screws; eventually the plane will just fall apart in the sky. i explain this to my dad, who is skeptical, but believes me for the most part and works out that we have 5 hours to stop them. that will be enough time, if only we can convince the cabin crew and other passengers of the danger. as we walk back to the ballroom, i insist we arm ourselves, so we walk with a swiss army knife in each hand, with ALL the different instruments sticking out.

when we get back to the ballroom and try to explain the situation to the other diners, we are ridiculed. my dad drops his swiss army knives and sits down to continue eating, looking sheepish. i am desperate. so i grab one the diners by the throat, an annoying, blonde-bouffant trophy wife who has been sarcastically telling me to calm down, and i hiss 'now, listen to me, bitch. when this plane is hurtling to the ground, and you're screaming your face off, your realisation that i'm right will give me no satisfaction. so instead, i'm going to be bashing your skull into a pile of sludge on the dancefloor. how's that?'

[i have no idea what the dream means. i haven't even attempted to analyse it. but i confess to awakening with exhilaration at a bit of gratuitious class violence.]