Mechanically Separated Chicken.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

The Wild West.

K: You know where I am right now? I'm on our front lawn, bringing in the rubbish bin.

HSG: No way! That's amazing.

K: Yeah. This cordless phone has a really long range. I bet I could just keep walking until I got to your shop and then walk in your front door still talking to you.

HSG: You know, there's a machine that allows you to do that. It's called a mobile phone.

K: Whatever.

HSG: Hey, check this out - if you were here right now I could make you coffee 'cause my work just got an espresso machine.

K: Really? Excellent.

HSG: Yeah, totally excellent. I made myself one this morning and then stood around going 'Look at me, I'm drinking a fucking cappucino.'

K: That's nice. Do you swear at yourself a lot?

HSG: All the time. I love it.

K: Do you go 'I'm drinking a motherfucking cappucino so shut up, bitch'?

HSG: Yes. Yes, I do.

K: Thought so.
K: I'm in the lounge room now. I'm listening to cowboy music.

HSG: You so are not.

K: I am. Listen.

HSG: Wow.

K: It's Rawhide. Did you know that the era of the 'Wild West' was actually incredibly short?

HSG: Yeah, I remember reading that somewhere.

K: Only about twenty years or so.

HSG: Twenty seconds, I thought.

K: Yeah. Like some guy put on a cowboy hat, and then his friend said 'Aw, take it off, Jim.'

HSG: And that was it.

K: And that was it. Exactly.